11 Sep 2016

Back From BAEcation EP by THe40s

The40s started about 5 years ago. The background of The40s is a community lifestyle brand based on the 40s. During war they called out to people thru radio collaborative effort and detailing. It’s not microwaveable music, but feel good music. Back-From-Baecation is intended to capture the end of summer feel and bottle up summer feeling in story line for music.

Although his bae is not the muse for Back-From-Baecation Wells B owes some of his inspiration to his bae of 1 year. According to Wells B the best baecation was his 5-day trip to the Bahamas. He believes that baecations allow you to see the real and raw of a person and from that the relationship goals are built.

Wells B describes The40s as a collaborative culture team that was inspired by his attendance at his school in Boston. Seeing creative passions from everywhere, not just music inspired the idea of pulling the creativity from everywhere into a power team. If given the opportunity Wells B would work with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak, Chance the Rapper and 9th Wonder the Producer.

Wells describes success as the silhouette of a growing fan base grasping the culture and music he is putting for and a Grammy.


“We are creative team of Visionaries seeking to impact the lives and minds around the world by promoting a positive propaganda.”


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